Breakfast by Bella

Bella Balls

No voodoo s*** in ere...

It all started last night. Hubs and I went out for dinner ❤ It came to dessert time and I was definitely feeling something sweet but, like always, I neglected the dessert menu because there were no refined sugar free options. So upon getting home, I got a date, almond butter and cacao powder and mooshed them all together to make a ball. I didn't want to get noisy with the food processor, so I got super messy with my hands instead. It was alot of fun!! I made enough to satisfy my sweet tooth last night but nowhere near enough to have a weekend stash! 

This morning, the food processor came out and TAA DAAAAAA! I took one bite and almost collapsed in foodgasm mode! I could see Ollie peeking through from the living room to the kitchen and after a moment of deliberation I decided to share. I took a bit and shoved it towards his face. He looked a little worried. The cheeky git even asked: "What is it?" and "what voodoo s*** have you put in it this time?" It's safe to say that my mixing cacao and courgette (which by the way is delicious) and using Nutty Nosh granola to bind homemade veggie burgers may have scared him off. He is far too conventional for his own good!!! .

Anyway, after feeling satisifed with the simple ingredients, he frickin' loved the raw brownie ball! I'd like to say he will get to try more later, but I am having difficulty keeping away from them myself! THEY ARE JUST TOO YUMMMMMMMY!

To make your own Bella Balls, simply follow the link to the recipe: