Breakfast by Bella

Bella's Breakfast Rules

There's only one way forward if you want it doing right...

Bonju! Guten morgen! Bonjour! Buongiorno! Buenos Días! 

I am truly in breakfast heaven this morning as I get ready for a busy day in the kitchen!! I had an observer as I made my bowl of goodness today - the hubster wanted to learn to make breakfast the BBB way so that he could make it for me sometimes. Cute, right? Potentially, but the level of cuteness depends on if he does it properly. Breakfast has the ability to royally f*** up my day if not done properly. So lets hope he has absorbed my rules: 

1. Add raw cacao and I'm anyone's;

2. Nut butter will make or break my breakfast. Failing to add it will actually devastate me in more ways than you could possibly imagine and I can't be held accountable for the emotional rage that is likely follow; 

3. BERRIES BERRIES BERRIES (need I say more);

4. Breakfast by Bella granola rocks my breakfast providing crunch and the perfect amount of va va voom. Please refer to rule 2 for the consequences of not adding this ❤

These should do the trick. Let's see how he performs next weekend!