Breakfast by Bella

Dear Porridge

So long, fare well, auf wiedersehn, good-bye for now...

Dear Porridge,

This is difficult for us to write. You’ll no doubt find it difficult to read.

The last thing we want to do is hurt you.

But the thing is . . . well, things have changed.

This might sound like a terrible cliché, but it’s us, not you.

You’ve done nothing wrong here, which makes this all the more difficult.

But we need to take a break. 

It’s like that song, we need a little time . . .

. . . a little space.

To think things over. To work it out.

To rekindle things with some other morning meals.

Breakfast Jars. Smoothie Bowls. Granola. Old flames from the past.

We don’t expect you to understand or to give us your blessing . . .

But the truth is . . . well, you’re just too hot.

For mornings like these, and for those that are forecast to come.

It’s not your fault, so please don’t blame yourself.

Your warm oaty hugs have seen us through the Autumn and Winter months, but like we said before, things have changed. 

It’s us, not you. 

It’s asking a lot, but we hope that you’ll wait for us.

We’re sure that, once we’ve had a little time to think things over, and once temperatures return to normal, we’ll be back.

Begging forgiveness. It’s our genuine hope that you’ll grant it. 

You might find this hard to believe, but we do still love you and we will miss you. 

Like we said earlier, you’re just too hot . . .

We hope you’ll take this as a compliment.

So for now, farewell, we’re sorry, but we have to go.

This is adios, but not goodbye.

Yours truly, 

Breakfast by Bella x