Breakfast by Bella

Far from a new-fangled fad

Here at Breakfast by Bella, we can’t wait to write the next chapter...

The year: 1863.

The place: a sanitorium in upstate New York.

The man: a pioneering health reformer called Dr James Caleb Jackson.

To some, granola might seem a relative newcomer on the breakfast scene. The truth is otherwise. This is far from a new-fangled fad.

You see, granola’s roots can be traced back to 157 years ago when, determined to prove his long-held belief that good health starts in the stomach, Dr Jackson began to experiment.

Baking graham flour into brittle cakes, which he then crumbled and baked again, Dr Jackson’s first attempts promised little and, without being soaked in milk overnight, his maiden granola – at that time known as granula – proved to be all but inedible.

Keen to succeed, Dr Jackson refined his recipe, amended his techniques, and altered his approach. For his perseverance, we couldn’t be more grateful.

Here at Breakfast by Bella, we suspect that our granola (made in Surrey, in 2017) bears precious little resemblance to Dr Jackson’s formative attempts, but there’s no question in our minds that this is where the tale began.

In 1863.

In upstate New York.

In Dr James Caleb Jackson’s enquiring mind.

For anyone interested in food, health and history, it’s a fascinating story...

Here at Breakfast by Bella, we can’t wait to write the next chapter.