Breakfast by Bella

Kale and Carob Porridge

It's amazing what incredible flavours you can create when you are feeling lazy and hungry all at the same time...

You may think I am a little crazy and I get it. I often stand back and wonder if I have a screw loose, but just hear me out: kale and carob porridge. Oh my goodness gracious me, it is sooooooo yummy! 

Kale may sound like an odd ingredient for porridge; it was for me until tonight. So here's what happened. Basically, I got home from work later than usual (around 8.30pm). I only had myself to please, I felt too tired to cook and I really fancied some porridge. I had a reasonably well sized lunch today, so I didn't feel bad about having a small dinner. However, I did feel bad that I wouldn't be having any greens (my Mum told me to always eat my veggies). Anyway I started making my porridge and I realised there was some kale hanging around in the fridge that needed using. I contemplated putting it in, considered how weird it sounded but then thought: "why not? Why not chuck some kale in my porridge?" I stirred it and stirred it again. Ok, now what?Then came the next contemplation. Do I want sweet or savoury, sweet or savoury - quick quick quick, DECIDE!!!! Without really thinking about it, I reached for the agave and in it went. I realise it was an abrupt move, but I felt under pressure. Hmm, I guess I'll be having sweet then and now I was really stuck; what goes with porridge, kale and agave? Then came that time of the evening again; it was clearly it was time for an evening rummage. This is when I stumbled across some delicious raw organic carob powder. "Yep, this will do" I thought and in it went. By now it was time to try it, so I dived right in and WOWSER. I was so excited to eat this porridge. I moved so fast I am pretty sure I could have given Usain Bolt a run for his money (no pun intended) as I grabbed my big wooden spoon to get the porridge into my bowl. When I realised there was no more to add to the bowl, I started scraping the pan to ensure that I enjoyed every last morsel. I even went to lick the pan and stopped just short of a tongue burn when I realised what I was actually doing. *Bloomin' eck love, calm down!* 

For decoration, I utilised the last of my blackberries, as I blended them with a touch of water to make a puree, and added some apple. I also added coconut and a little cashew nut butter. OH MY!!! What a concoction!! I really recommend giving this a go. It's a great way to enjoy something quick and easy while getting those essential greens in.

Intrigued? Take a look at the recipe: 

I love this flavour so much that I have also created a "spin off" breakfast jar:

Happy "karobing"!