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London is open. Borough Market is open

No matter what, we’re still here. We’ll keep going forward...

‘London is open. Borough Market is open. This is our market. This is your market. Thank-you for being here’. – Donald Hyslop, Chair of Trustees at Borough Market.

‘No matter what, we’re still here. We’ll keep going forward, nothing is going to shut us down. There’s always light after darkness.’ – Maria Moruzzi, café owner at Borough Market. 

‘Could your business be shut for a week and survive? Let’s all go along and put a little bit of money in their tills.’ – Scott Winston, consultant to the fine food industry, London.


Everyone knows what occurred in and around London Bridge on June 3rd and that being the case, there’s no need for us to go into detail and dredge it all up again.

Like Maria, we have our sights fixed on the future.

Getting back to normal. Moving forward. Defiant and determined. Light after darkness.

Like Scott, we’re keen to support our fellow foodies, to help their businesses get back on track, to put a little money in their tills.

Borough Market was closed for 11 days, with trading not able to resume until June 14th, when following a poignant tribute, Donald signalled that it is time once more to look ahead.

To recover fully, for 11 days without doing business is a tall order, the market’s traders are going to need (to paraphrase Scott) our ‘help, support and love’.

In order to kick-start the process, he is calling on ‘an industry and devotees of food’ to visit Borough Market this Saturday, June 24th, to demonstrate solidarity, to support those determined to get back to normal, to spend a little money, to Love Borough.

Look out for the hashtag – #LoveBorough – and for anyone in the area, please do head along because London is open, Borough Market is open and this is our market and yours.

Thanks to Scott, whose enterprise must be applauded, we’ll be there.

Because there’s always light after darkness.