Breakfast by Bella

Munchkin Pumpkins

Munchkin pumpkins + porridge = A warm tasty treat

Today on this fine Sunday morning, I woke up fancying some good old porridge. I was delighted to realize that sat in my fruit bowl was a munchkin pumpkin. Have you seen them? they are so cute! One of my nicknames given to me by my husband is munchkin, because I am a little short and can't reach anything to high up. I was so excited when I discovered "Munchkin Pumpkins" that I yelped in the middle of Tesco. I actually made the lady next to me jump. She didn't seem to impressed when I then held the munchkin pumpkin in front of my face with my eyes as wide as golf balls peeking over the top of it, as it was a trophy. I really felt like I could relate to these little pumpkins, so naturally one of these little dudes had to come home with me. In porridge they are quite a treat and make for a super tasty weekend breakfast. The recipe is on the recipe page - I invite to give it a go and share my delight.