Breakfast by Bella

Quinoa Orange Cookies...

A craving that even the sight of Danny Dyer couldn't stop...

So on Thursday night, I was sitting on the sofa minding my own business (ehem, ok I was watching Eastenders) and I had one of my strange cravings. It was so bizarre; the smell of freshly baked cookies just took over and there was nothing that myself or even the sight of Danny Dyer could do to stop it. There was clearly something going on in my sub-conscious. I distracted myself for a few short minutes as I looked aimlessly at the TV wondering where this craving may have come from. It was a pointless wonder as I really didn't have a clue. The fact was my mind was telling me I wanted cookies. Who was I to question it? So I quietly snuck up from the sofa and headed for the kitchen. Like all of my random cooking adventures, I had no idea what I was doing. I simply rummaged around my kitchen, gathered some random ingredients and hoped for the best. During this particularly rummage buried at the back of my deep Mary Poppins style cupboard was quinoa flakes. Now, my relationship with quinoa flakes had been off for a while, hence they were buried somewhere deep and dark. Don't get me wrong, I love quinoa. However, approximately 5 months ago, shortly after buying my first (and so far only) batch, I tried them in a carrot cake overnight oats breakfast jar. Since I adore carrot cake, I was very excited to try this. I recall later sitting at my desk with my face screwed up like a two year old as I tried extremely hard to ensure my food did not exit my mouth in the wrong direction and end up on my computer screen. Let’s face it, epic fail on the breakfast jar front. It turned out that quinoa is not the right flavour for a carrot cake themed jar. However, since I am not one for food waste and I did not have any other breakfast option, I sat there and ate every last bit of quinoa flaked gloop that jar had to offer. I have been scared of the quinoa flakes ever since. Incidentally, you will see that the final version of the carrot cake breakfast jar (“One Fine Carrot”) does not contain quinoa:

Anyway, back to the night in question, as I stood there confronted by quinoa flakes, I was motivated by the fact that they are gluten free, protein rich and generally full of nutrients. So I decided to give them a second chance. At that moment, I noticed large juicy oranges in my fruit bowl just below my cupboard: "PERFECT!" I exclaimed. These bad boys can drown out the bitterness of the quinoa. My next go-to was the coconut butter. I had always used coconut oil before. While the oil remains a must have in the Breakfast by Bella household, I prefer the butter for baking. Unlike the oil, coconut butter contains pureed coconut flesh, which means it is thicker with a slightly better consistency. I highly recommend it for baking. Sticking with the theme, I reached for the coconut sugar and proceeded to mix everything together. This was shortly followed by my usual “stand and stare” routine as it occurred to me that I needed something to help the cookies stay together. “AHA! Chia eggs.” Thank goodness I thought about it. Can you imagine what the sight of crumbled cookies could have done to my kitchen rage? Hmm, let’s not think about it. After I added the chia eggs, I still had a feeling that something was missing. After another rummage, I added oat flour to reduce the gooeyness. I then moulded the cookies, plonked them in the oven and remained intrigued; experimentation is so much fun. The smell of warm orange cookies started to fill the kitchen and I knew I was onto a winner. Mission accomplished.

To have a go at making your own Quinoa Orange Cookies, follow the link to the recipe: