Breakfast by Bella

The making of the Cacao Crispies

Craving turned madness turned mouth party!

Woweee! I have accidentally made another tasty treat. I am so happy with my new Cacao Crispies recipe. I am starting to discover that the best recipes are made without intention. When I first started making them,  I didn’t really know what I was trying to achieve.

It all started last night at around 8pm. I knew I had a craving for something sweet and with my new found strength (now that I am finally starting to recover from my surgery), I decided to make some chocolate. I knew it was a little late to be making chocolate but the urge was just too strong. Plus as I had been either in bed or stuck on the sofa for days, I thought it would be good to be up and about. As I started melting the cacao butter, I thought:

“Nahhhhh, I need something more than chocolate”.

Chocolate is such an easy item to resort to when you have a craving for something sweet. I wanted something more…something…something….AHHHH I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT I WANTED!! The mixed signals between my head and my taste buds were driving me freakin’ crazy. As if I need to be any crazier than I already am?! Anyone looking through my kitchen window might have been a little confused – I was by myself looking at the melting cacao butter, throwing my head into my hands, pulling my hair trying to figure out what I wanted. “A-HA!” I said to myself as I noticed the almond butter I had left out on the side. I put a dollop of that in. Hmmmm, now what? I didn’t really understand what I had just done. “Ohhhhh you idiot!” I started shouting at myself before briskly pulling random ingredients from my cupboard. At this point, I refused to use the cacao powder…REFUSED! This would just make chocolate. I frantically rummaged through my cupboard of goodies:

“Maca powder? Hmmmm...I’ll give it a go. Arrowroot? Hell no! Cacao nibs? Uh…hmmmm….no! Pasta? What are you doing here? Must have been hubby messing up my tidy cupboards again. Carob? That’s not far off chocolate…for frick sake! Coconut flakes? Why not?”

By this point the cacao butter was pretty much melted. So I gave it a good stir, took it off the heat and in went the maca powder and coconut flakes. I went back the cupboard.

“Almonds? Well I’ve already put the buttered version of you in. You may as well join”.

It then dawned on me that I needed a sweetener. The bright lights in my head beamed (finally):

“Lucuma powder!!! You’ll thicken up the butter and sweeten all at once”

I gave the mixture another big stir and I went in for a taste test. It’s missing something. More sweetener maybe? I added a bit of honey and tried it again. It was STILL missing something. 

“Oh noooooo!! Come on man, it’s cacao isn’t it? Cacao! After I tried so hard not to use it.”

At this point I was losing my patience, so in went the cacao powder. After all that rummaging about and talking to myself like a fool, I could have just saved myself the frustration. In a rage, I sought a baking tray, lined it with baking paper and spread the mixture. I sat down to watch Chalet Girl (a bit of Ed Westwick will calm me down I thought). Twenty minutes later, I went back pulled out my creation from the freezer, gave it a good bash and tried a piece.

"Oh my God!' I exclaimed in shock as my eyes grew wider, my face beamed and the party in my mouth went nuts! I then looked at the mess I had made and didn't even care. It was totally worth it. 

Why not give these ago... the recipe can be found on the recipe page. I promise you won't regret it ;)