Breakfast by Bella

The Morning Poem

Because as each different day hurries by, I love you more and more


I am sorry I get my toys out after you have neatly put them away.

I am sorry I like to pull your hair,

And that I do it every day.

I am sorry I can't sit still,

And that you struggle to change my nappy.

I am sorry I scream loud to test you,

I know this can make you unhappy.

I am sorry I throw my food on the floor,

When you have taken time to prepare.

I am sorry I chucked my yoghurt against the wall,

which made Daddy dispair.

I am sorry I wouldn't stop crying in the back of the car the other day.

I am sorry I always have a poo explosion,

At the moment you need to get away.

I am sorry I pick my moments to have a right old tantrum.

But you can't be mad at me for long,

When I am this cute and handsome.

I really like it when we cuddle and play,

When we dance around like crazy.

I like it when we sing songs, 

And act a little daisy!


I expect nothing less,

You are 7 months old afterall.

And I love that you are inquisitive and like to explore.

Changing your nappy is hard,

You don't make it easy.

But I know in your own little way,

You are just being cheeky.

Throwing your food about,

Is just how you are learning.

I think it is funny myself,

Even if Daddy finds it disturbing.

Your random crying in the car can cause me distress.

Especially when I know you are simply doing it to put me to the test.

Your poo explosions are something else,

And your timing is not the best.

Your ability to make such a mess outstanding,

How on earth do you get it on your vest?

I am not going to lie,

Your tantrums can be tough.

Its a learning curve for me too,

I never know if I am doing enough.

Being a Mum is a challenge,

It is very emotional too.

There are times I take time out to read the Unmumsy Mum,

While I pretend to be on the loo.

I also like it when we cuddle and play,

When we sing songs and go a little mad.

I like that I can take you on days out,

Like the lovely day in London we had.

My Harry Tots please know,

You mean the world to us.

Parenting is hard but you bring so much happiness,

And on the whole very little fuss.

So lets enjoy every moment,

Because I know one day I will certainly cry...

When I see the lovely man you have become,

And how shockingly quick the time has gone by.

Please keep being you,

You continue to learn and explore.

Because as each different day hurries by,

I love you more and more.