Breakfast by Bella

The Morning Ponder 03.03.2017

The Breakfast Bloomer...

The Hippocrates said: "let food by thy medicine and medicine by thy food". Well breakfast is my medicine; it helps me to wake, function and settle after the stress of my morning commute.

Imagine me in the morning as an opening flower with my petals tightly closed at first. Once I've snoozed the crap out of my alarm, I get up, I shower and my petals slowly start to open. I make my morning jar and my petals jump that bit further; they are excited but still not satisfied enough to open fully. I scoot along down to the train station and squeeze onto the train to embark on my commute. My petals are stationery but intrigued. They are slightly peeved when when the train manager announces the inevitable delay excuses, usually signalling problems. Then I hit the morning stampede at London Waterloo Station and enjoy the beautiful view as I hurry my midget legs across the Waterloo Bridge to Holborn. My petals are getting closer to opening as they revel in the London vibe, unless it is heavily raining in which case they are not too impressed. Then I enter the office, computer goes on, green tea made, spoon sought and it's all systems go. The first mouthful of breakfast ensues and BOOM! The flower is fully blossomed, petals glowing, stem dancing and even the buzzy bees are there to enjoy the party. Ooooooh yeaaaa baby, that's breakfast!