Breakfast by Bella

The Morning Ponder 12.12.2016

The Waterloo Stampede...

It's 8.20am and here I am again at Waterloo Station making my way to work. Normally I would step off the train and race my midget legs with the rest of the stampede towards the ticket barriers, pushing my way through like the impatient Brit that I am. All the while completely oblivious to everyone around me. Of course everyone is doing the same; Londoners are renowned for that, right? It sounds hetic but I love it. After growing up in the countryside, living in Europe and travelling to many other cities, I can honestly say that nothing beats the London buzz.

But this morning I asked myself, while many of us are busy buzzing around, how many of us actually take time to appreciate our surroundings? I walk over Waterloo bridge every day. For those brief moments, I am surrounded by London's most iconic sites: the Big Ben, the London Eye, the Shard and St Pauls Catherdral (just to name a few). Tourists pay good money to visit this great city. They have those 'Must See' places on a list yet I walk past them everyday and rarely do I appreciate the view. I am aware of the view, yes. I use the time to be with my own thoughts, most definitely. Do I actually stop to enjoy the view, No. Well, at least not until today.

Days will go on and life will inevitably throw you lemons. The most important point is what you do with those lemons. You can simply accept them or you could turn those lemons into cool refreshing lemonade ;) So next time you are buzzing to work, take a quick break from thoughts of the upcoming meeting or phone call. Just stop and enjoy life and the beauty that surrounds us. It will certainly help to clear one's mind. It may also help you to refocus yourself before you head to the office and enjoy your upcoming Breakfast by Bella jar ;)