Breakfast by Bella

The Morning Ponder 16.08.2017

Heels, handbags and breakfast jars...

Morning morning morning! 

In tow with me this morning is my very rushed breakfast jar of Cacao Chia Seed Cacao and Banana Pudding'. I was so rushed this morning that I even ran, yes RAN, and in my heels, down to the train station. In fact, I ran into the station nearly tripping over myself only to find that my train was delayed by 20 minutes due to "signalling problems". I had picked up such momentum while having to grapple with heels on my feet, a shoulder bag on me left shoulder, a large handbag on my right wrist and holding my breakfast jar as well, that I couldn't actually stop very well. I was also adamant that I'd need a little extra speed to run onto the train, which I expected to see already at the platform. Well, thanks to the very repetitive Mr Announcement man, I quickly realised that was not the case.

Instead, I had to attempt to elegantly slow myself down so as not to look like the tit running for a train that wasn't there. Well of course I failed dramatically. I felt ever so overwhelmed; no train, no breaks and holding more than I could handle. So I headed for the first bench I could see, wiggled myself around and slumped onto it. I think my wobbly behind must have slapped the bench quite hard, or maybe it was the way I wiggle manoeuvred, as the woman next to me gave me a funny look. You'd think I blooming' sat on her! Anyway, the important think is that my breakfast jar is in tact. I really don't feel like this week is my week, but I am almost certain my raw cacao chia seed pudding with banana, homemade berry compote and Breakfast by Bella Nutty Nosh granola will brighten up today at least (she says as the train she is now on slows down as if it is about to stop even though is nowhere near a station).

You can find this morning's jar recipe just here: 

Wishing you all a better morning than mine and a fabulous day.