Breakfast by Bella

The Morning Ponder 17.08.2017

Do you ever wake up to the sound of that awful alarm...

Do you ever wake up to the sound of that awful alarm, raise your head from your pillow, realise you don't want to get up and then just flop back to "rest your eyes"? Today was one of the first days in a long time that I was actually able to get up at 6am rather than 4.30am, so it was definitely a head flopping back down on the pillow kind of day. I was delighted when the alarm went off at 5.45am - great still 15 minutes left - SNOOZE! 5.50 - snooze. 5.55am - snooze! 6am - the hubby starts making this weird growling noise, so best just turn it off. Just 2 more minutes of head rest and then I'll get up. Raise my head, 6 fudging 20 (by the way, I would never say "fudging" but I feel I need to use a replacement for the actual word that I used for politeness sake).


Anyhoo, 20 minutes is actually very precious. Getting ready is a process for me, so every millisecond counts! By the time the process had finished today, I was left with 5 minutes to get to the station! Hubby kindly offered to do drive me down which gave me a very enthusiastic glimmer of hope that I would make the train! So off we go. I get to the station, run for the platform and I am confronted with the ass end of the train! In my head I just pictured a giant hand sticking out of it waving at me! Stark contrast to yesterday! Do you know how much I pay a year for my gold card to get in and out of London, only for the train to be late when I need it to be on time and then on time when I need it to be late?! 


As I made my way to the bench, no bum wiggling balancing act today, I started to flick through Instagram and came across this great quote posted by Train and Change ( It put such a smile on my face that I just had to share! And you know what, it is so true...YOU ALL ROCK! I am now going to sit and munch on my breakfast jar!

Wishing you all a scha-mazin' day peeps.