Breakfast by Bella

The Morning Ponder: Endometriosis Edition

Cut the sugars at breakfast to help prevent inflammation...

Endometriosis awareness month is here. While having been examined for endometriosis, I am not a sufferer of it. Nonetheless, I have had my own emotional journey with my gynaecological health. Therefore, gynae health as a whole is a topic that I am passionate about. 

This morning, thinking about Endometriosis Awareness Month brought me to the breakfast jar. I feel there's something a bit more adventurous about having breakfast in a jar. There's definitely nothing better than a nut butter waterfall to start the day.

It seems like such a long time ago that I had my first breakfast jar. I cannot even remember what possessed me to put food into a jar and carry it into London before scoffing its contents at my desk as I started my day's work. However I do know that my gynae health was one of things that triggered it. 

I suffer from ovarian cysts. Before now, they have caused hospital admissions, time off work, pain, tears, anxiety and one laparoscopic cystectomy. I feel like I have had more ultrasounds (up there...*wince*) than I have had hot dinners!!

Approximately 6 years ago, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome after a hormone test showed a hormonal imbalance and a scan showed a "pearl necklace" of cysts on my ovaries. My testosterone was higher than it should be while my progesterone (the hormone needed to become pregnant) was low. This terrified me as I knew I always wanted to have children. 

Approximately one year after this, by chance, I started to cut down on refined sugars. I basically joined the healthy eating band wagon with two colleagues who were wanting to lose weight for their upcoming weddings. I soon noticed a positive difference in my weight, energy levels and skin. Shortly after, another test showed that my hormones had balanced out. I was delighted, shocked and intrigued all at the same time. My doctor was adamant ny reduced sugar intake caused this.

As I moved to a new job in London, commuting everyday, I wanted to save money, save the morning struggle for a bowl in the staff room and basically cut the nasties (namely sugar) from my food. So I decided to make my own breakfast concoctions with clean ingredients and take it to work in a jar.

A breakfast jar screams a perfect breakfast solution for the following reasons:

  1. Allows you to use your own yummy ingredients, using flavours you love, without consuming the high amounts of sugar often added to purchased food.
  2. It is cost effective. 
  3. It is super quick and easy.
  4. It is portable - easy to carry to work!
  5. It helps the environment. You can simply reuse the same jar each day ♻♻

The main motivation for me was to ensure I had a breakfast containing only natural sugars. Sugar is inflammatory and can therefore contribute to poor gynae health. Many gynae issues, particularly endometriosis, are in themselves caused by inflammation. I am not a nutritionist but I have spoken to many medical practitioners and nutritional therapists, who have all suggested that it is possible to ease the symptoms of endometriosis through eating less sugar. 

My breakfast jar helped me to do this. It got me through my hectic mornings, filling me with slow releasing energy and ensuring that I started my day well using food as my medicine. 

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