Breakfast by Bella

The Morning Ponder: Letting Go

We cannot neglect our responsibilities, but by finding balance perhaps we can learn to live...

Lately I have been realising that I really need to learn to just “let go”. 

Let go of my inhibitions, my insecurities and the ifs, buts and maybes and just… LIVE! 

The truth is I spend a lot of my time rushing around, working hard and worrying hard with it; worrying about money, my endless to do lists, how I want to achieve so much, my abilities as a wife, a mother, what people think of me. I often have a head filled with ideas but no time to achieve them and I put far TOO MUCH pressure on myself. Lately, I feel like I have been surrounded by advice - from people older, wiser and those who have now sadly passed onto another world. I cannot help noticing how the words within the advice are all the same. We are told that life is too short and that we should enjoy the most basic of things that surround us everyday; the outdoors, the sunshine, the ocean, time with our loved ones, to dance, sing, love, laugh, eat the foods we love, be kind, stop worrying about our appearance and just … be!

Instead, as a species, we (myself included) wake up often configured to our routines, perhaps dominated by thoughts of all the things we need to do, our deadlines, our bills, our weight, our diet and we do it all while rushing around in a daze. We are glued to our bloody phones as we bypass all the things that could help to calm us, the simple things, like the solo journey we have to work where we can choose to have no-one to bother us, the sound of the rain trickling through the trees, perhaps the gorgeous inner city sights, the country side views, even the sound of the music we may be listening to!

I realise that there are some realities that we cannot escape. I personally cannot help thinking about my deadlines or my bills. Life is busy and we all have responsibilities of some kind, BUT we can learn to find balance. If we stop just for a moment we may recognise that there is a whole world around us and an abundance of opportunity. We can help prevent or at least reduce worry and make more time for joy, love, laughter and LIFE. 

We can take minutes of our day to dance like crazy as we let the rhythm and beat of the music take over our bodies. 

We can sing our favourite songs at the top of our lungs (who cares if the neighbours can hear). 

We can leave our phone to one side (God forbid we could even turn them off) and just enjoy an evening cuddling to our loved ones. 

We can take a few minutes to lay in peace and listen to the rain as it hits the window as we enjoy pure tranquillity.  

We can surround ourselves with positive people who help to make us feel happy and unconditionally loved. 

We can laugh out loud at memories with those special enough to make new ones with. 

We can let go.

We can live.  

Some of us never truly take the words of wisdom on board until it is too late. I do not want one of those people to be me. 

Yesterday morning, I had some of favourite music turned up as I baked, danced and sang. Music is all it took me to feel not only happy, but FREE! 

In loving memory of those passed who have helped me on my gradual journey to letting go and who have inspired me to write this blog. I know you are up there doing all of the things that you once encouraged us to do down here. I truly hope you are loving every moment.