Breakfast by Bella

The Morning Ponder: Ocean Mindfulness 

Have you ever just ... listened? 

I was in Cornwall last weekend. The place where I grew up but took for granted. 

It is surrounded by ocean yet I hardly ever went to really enjoy it. Whenever I visit Cornwall now, I realise how important the ocean actually is to me. It is nature at its best, most powerful and yet most tranquil.

Have you ever just stood during a walk along the beach, or the cliffs, as you overlook the mass of water and just listened? 

What have you heard? 

Perhaps the people walking by on their dog walk, the click of a tourist’s camera, children playing or the seagulls passing above on the hunt for neglected Cornish pasty crusts. If that’s the case, then I’m afraid you were not listening hard enough. 

See, if you REALLY listen, perhaps close your eyes if it helps, all you hear is ocean; one of my favourite sounds. When I was a child I remember my Nan having large shells in her bathroom. I can picture my favourite one now. Every time I look at it, I fondly remember my Nan handing me the shell and telling me to put it up against my ear. She asked me what I could hear and I have never forgotten how amazed I was at the sound. It was as clear as day; the ocean. If I closed my eyes, it was as if I was right there on the clifftop. As I learn about emotions and how our minds stores memories, I realise that this must be one of my core memories

Despite being absolutely petrified of the inside of the sea, the view and the sound brings me peace.  

There is nothing more tranquil than walking across the cliffs and just spending two minutes to stop and breathe in the Cornish sea air as you watch the waves crash and break into the shore and against the rocks. 

Porthtowan is my most favourite little spot. The view is vast, the sound is clear and the personal memories heart-warming.