Breakfast by Bella

Which morning person are you?

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Lets face it, there's typically two types of people in the morning...

1. Those of you who do things gracefully - get up shortly after the first alarm, make your way slowly to the kitchen where you have time for that morning cuppa and probably breakfast; and

2.  Those of you who snooze the bejesus out of your alarm clock and then rush around like a headless chicken cursing yourself because you said things would be different this morning.

Can you guess which one I am? Believe me, I have tried to be number one on many occasions. I just love my sleep too much. But if it wasn't for me being a snoozer, Breakfast by Bella may never have come about.

No matter what kind of morning person you are, Breakfast by Bella offers the perfect solution for your morning nom nom! A fresh, tasty, nutritious breakfast that is portable and quick to make. So no matter where you eat breakfast, make it a Breakfast by Bella.