Breakfast by Bella

Wifey stepping up

A tale of a non-vegan naughty sugar monster turning into semi-vegan refined sugar free princess and an admission of hubby-brownie neglect...

Brownies! Brownies! Brownies! A sweet treat that no girl should be without. In fact a sweet treat that no one should be without. My husband loves them too. I used to make them a lot and every time I did, he would always hover around the kitchen waiting to nab a piece of chocolate (little git). He was also the official bowl licker (now isn't that an interesting title to have). Anyway, once I forgot this and put the bowl straight in the sink filled with soapy water. To say he was upset is an understatement; he became ever so grumpy. They say that food is the way to a man's heart. It didn't help that on that particular occasion, the brownies were being made for a baby shower. I did give him a little piece though just to sweeten him up.

More recently, the subject of my brownies came up in conversation, which begged the question by Hubby: "why haven't you made any brownies lately?" To which I said (trying to avoid the guilt of my hubby-brownie neglect): "I make all sorts of other treats".

A couple of weeks later, I decided to take part in a bake sale at work. This decision was mostly driven by the announcement of a prize for the winner. I didn't know what the prize was, but I knew I wanted to beat everyone else (I know, competitive much?). Anyway, I knew my brownies had to come out to say hello; they are my baking forte after all. However, I didn't tell Hubby I was making them. I just left the sofa one Sunday afternoon, headed to the kitchen and started baking. He was glued to the TV watching some kind of World War 2 drama, so I thought this left me with the perfect opportunity to bake cheat on him. It turned out there was no such chance; he ran out of tea. (Note: if you are going to bake cheat, make sure the other half is topped up with all necessary drink, food and anything else kitchen born). Well, when he got into the kitchen, he took one look at the melting chocolate and then at me:

"What's this?" he enquired blatantly knowing what I was up to. 

"I am just making brownies for a bake sale at work" I replied nonchalantly. 

"OOOOOOOOOOH I SEE! You'll make brownies for everyone at work, but not for me".

What could I say to that? Like in any situation that doesn't really have a response, I let the lawyer in me come to life and responded:

"I care too much about your health darling". 

Nope, it didn't wash. Well what could I say? I did it, ok? I did it. I admit. I committed hubby-brownie neglect (of course I actually didn't admit that to him). In my defence though, my traditional recipe includes ingredients that I would no longer eat including sugar of the naughty kind (i.e., unnatural), eggs and butter and...AND...Hubby has also started to take a ride on the no naughty sugar train. He doesn't even like it that much anymore. Anyway, the bake sale incident left me in quite a conundrum. So I decided to resolve it Breakfast by Bella style. It's about time I had a go at finding a new brownie recipe anyway. This fact combined with my unexpected meet and greet with a purple potato set the wheels in motion. I was in the fruit and veggie shop getting my week's supply of goodness. As I scouted my eyes along the rows yumminess, I saw a great big lump of purpleness in the potato section. I love colours and purple happens to be one of my favourites, so it looked magical to me. I have read about purple potatoes, but I had never seen one in the flesh. So this was a very exciting occasion. I just had to pick up the largest one I could see. However, don't be fooled, the idea of the purple potato brownie didn't come to me straight away. I stood in the kitchen for a while and had a good long stare at it. Eventually the ingredients just all came together and the rest is 24 hours old history. Also, I have to say, I didn't really know what to expect when I taste tested the brownie, but man was I very pleasantly surprised (the type where I nearly fell over). The recipe for these delicious treats is available on the recipe page. Take a look ;)