Breakfast by Bella

A Golden age

‘The number of young entrepreneurs in the UK is soaring’...

There’s no question that these are exciting times.

For us here at Breakfast by Bella?

For sure . . .

But for innumerable others too.

In particular, we refer to all those at the forefront of a boom that is shaking up UK business (in our opinion – at least – for the better).

This is something that was underlined just this morning as we caught up on a little light reading over breakfast (granola-based; obvs).

Standing out above all other articles? One (via The Independent) that reported that ‘The number of young entrepreneurs in the UK is soaring’.

Let’s just assume for a moment that we still count as being young . . .

The fact is that based upon research from Moore Stephens, a top accountancy firm, millennials are ‘[shunning] graduate jobs at large firms to go it alone’.

There are, as a result, some 311,550 company directors in the UK aged 30 or under (up from 295,890 in 2015).

It isn’t our intention to disclose our ages (and it’d be rude to ask), but it’s reasonable to assume that in regards to the aforementioned boom, we’re among those making the noise.

In 2016, almost 660,000 companies were established (according to the Financial Times), leading to this, the here and now, being considered a GOLDEN AGE for UK start-ups . . .

‘Other than the US, the UK is unrivalled as a place to start and grow a business,’ so one boffin told the FT.

Starting a business used to be a reflection on a dwindling professional jobs market, a decision based upon limited opportunities . . .

Now, according to The Independent, to go it alone has become ‘more prestigious’ than joining an established firm and is often about ‘challenging and disrupting the status quo’.

This is, in a nutshell, where we’re at right now . . .

Growing and building a business.

Shaking things up and making a noise.

Challenging and disrupting (in a nice way) the status quo.

Right at the forefront.


Here and now, in the golden age . . .

For us at Breakfast by Bella and for innumerable others (and, when it comes to the start-up community, there’s a real camaraderie that we TRULY cherish), these are exciting times.

Here’s to us all . . .