Breakfast by Bella

National Tea Day

It’s that time of the year again…BRITISH NATIONAL TEA DAY!!

If ever you wanted an excuse to grab a cuppa and a tasty bite to accompany it, National Tea would be it. After all there is nothing that a cuppa can’t solve! Whether you are sipping on a traditional English tea, a mouth tingling mint, or any one of our other gorgeous flavours, we hope to see you enjoying every single moment at The Breakfast by Bella Deli.
We have been very pleased with the positive feedback we have received about our tea selection. So I thought I’d take some time to tell you more about our tea supplier, Canton Tea.
Why does Breakfast by Bella use Canton tea?
I first came across this brand whilst working in London. While many people would stroll into the office in the morning with a branded cup from a large corporate coffee chain, I opted to go to a little independent café. It was here that I established Canton Tea (“Canton”). I absolutely fell in love with the green tea; I had never tasted anything quite like it in this country. I was struck most by its subtle tones and aromatic yet crisp flavour; it tasted like tea I had in Hong Kong.
Now serving exactly the same tea (Green Jade Tips) at The BBB Deli, I have been delighted to hear customers comment on how they have been pleasantly surprised they have been by the flavour; it has not tasted bitter like other green teas they have tried. Tea will come in many different grades and price ranges. Unfortunately, although the mass-produced brands are often cheaper, it means the quality is likely to be compromised. When choosing suppliers for BBB, we wanted to ensure that we would deliver good quality. Canton is used in five star hotels, Michelin starred restaurants and many other independent cafes. Having used Canton Tea myself, speaking to Canton representatives and carrying out research myself, I knew that I had to be one of those independents to serve it too.
“We buy fresh tea each season direct from small, traditional gardens where tea bushes have grown for hundreds of years”
Canton has established relationships with farmers where the leaves are slow grown, handpicked and handcrafted from tea gardens around Asia. The teas only use natural ingredients from vanilla pods, high grade herbs and spices to pure fruit oils, for example, cold pressed Calabrian bergamot oil in Canton Earl Grey and blueberry, strawberry and blackcurrant fruit oils in Canton Berry and Hibiscus; both blends being available from Breakfast by Bella.
In addition to the quality of the tea itself, the founder of Canton, Jennifer Wood, is dedicated to using environmentally friendly methods to deliver her products. Firstly, Canton is committed to using minimal packaging. In fact, from 2018, the company’s focus has moved from retail to wholesale which has reduced the need for retail and gift wrapping. The teas are shipped using consolidated shipments and 90% of Canton staff cycle to work.
So, how will BBB be celebrating National Tea Day?
At The Breakfast by Bella Deli, we look forward to offering 20% OFF ALL TEA on Saturday 21 April 2018. We will have an array of delicious BBB style treats to accompany them. 

We hope to see you there!