Breakfast by Bella

Sugar Sugar

Our former teachers might not be surprised to learn this . . .


But during our schooldays, science was far from our favourite subject.

Like most people, we derived a certain pleasure from mucking about with Bunsen Burners.

Beyond that?

More often than not, we could be found dozing quietly at the back of the class.

Much has changed in recent times.

No more nodding off, we’ve discovered an interest in science.

On both fronts, it’s all down to sugar.

The natural kind, you understand, for this is something we’ve been studying in our makeshift lab here at BBB HQ.

Our findings are fascinating.

You’ll be aware that we’ve gone to great lengths to eradicate processed sugars from our diets (and we’re super proud that our granola range is refined sugar-free).

That doesn’t mean that we don’t eat sugar full stop, however.

Far from it, in fact.

Our sweet tooth/teeth is/are legendary, and given that our bodies are reliant on carbohydrates to function (and that we need all the energy we can get at the moment), it’d be foolish to think that we could cut it out altogether . . .

This is where the science kicks in.

You see, the sugars we tend to consume are natural sugars (those found in dates and such like) and the difference between these and the refined sugars that we rail against is vast.

Refined sugar – for those unaware – is a natural sugar that has been modified, the fructose and glucose retained and all the good stuff stripped out and thrown away.

Such an intense substance can be difficult to digest and often results in a short-lived sugar rush (and a subsequent crash that requires more (refined) sugar to overcome) . . .

Natural sugars, with the important nutrients (including antioxidants, vitamins and minerals) retained, are easier to digest and because the process is much slower, our bodies remain fuller and energised for a great deal longer.

This means fewer cravings and hunger kept at bay . . .

This means our breakfast can be sweet and keep us going until lunchtime . . .

This means that we feel far better about ourselves and that we no longer fall asleep at inopportune times. No more nodding off? It has to be a good thing.

One rider to this? That natural sugar IS still sugar, it DOES contain fructose and glucose and, as a result, we SHOULD still keep a close eye on our consumption . . .

Like all things, moderation is the key . . .

Here at BBB, we reckon we have the balance just right.