Breakfast by Bella

The Bacon Sandwich Question

A new chapter with new dilemmas, wrestling and interrogation....

For the last week or two, we’ve been wrestling.

Not literally, for even if such an inclination existed (and it doesn’t) our super-hectic schedule doesn’t enable such pastimes.

No, the wrestling in question hasn’t been amongst ourselves (thank goodness), but rather with a quandary; a predicament; a dilemma.

Here at BBB HQ, it has become known as The Bacon Question.

It has prompted much discussion.

The Bacon Question is something that we’ve been asked over and over (and over and over again) ever since we announced that – on December 16th – we’ll be opening our first Breakfast by Bella DELI at the fabulous Thames Club in Staines.

Over and over and over and over and over and over again . . .

Will there be bacon sandwiches on the menu? Will there? Will there?

To put a stop to the questioning and to end the interrogation, we have one word:


Yes there WILL be bacon sandwiches. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

It sounds simple, so why such a quandary?

Why all the discussion?

Why the dilemma?

Because our business – our entire philosophy, in fact – has, up to this point, been based around our granola, which is, amongst other things, a VEGAN product.

This being the case, bacon might seem to go against the grain somewhat – hence the predicament that has prompted all the wrestling.

To explain our thinking . . .

Our raison d’etre in opening our deli is to serve our customers and to meet their needs and if those needs involve bacon every once in a while, so be it.

The rider here?

That they’ll be bacon sandwiches BBB-style.

Dismiss all preconceptions, this will be not be the fare of the greasy spoon for The Bridge Café (one for all fans of The Apprentice out there) this is not.

Bacon sandwiches constructed using nothing but the best ingredients; fresh, local and carefully-chosen; cooked to order; sizzling, delicious and wholesome, inside a crusty artisan bread roll; like everything on our menu, the emphasis on quality; on being simply the best.

Because we listen to our customers. Because we’re determined to provide a menu that is balanced. Because we’re striving to cater for and appeal to all and we can do so without abandoning our principles.

Trust us on this, for there is no reason that the best bacon sandwich in town cannot sit alongside the greatest granola, vegan or otherwise, on a menu that, we’re pleased to report, is beginning to look rather splendid.

So please, let the interrogation end because The Bacon Question has been answered once and for all . . .

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.