Breakfast by Bella

Can't is not in my vocabulary!

Don't let it be in yours...

I have always been a determined person. If I set my sights on something, I don't give up until I achieve it. The thing is, I have always set my sights quite high and others have often told me that I am living in cloud cuckoo land. I know how it feels to have a goal and to be told by someone that it is not possible. I wanted to write this post to help those who need a little inspiration to get over the final hurdle and achieve a goal that may have been in consideration for some time. I am nowhere near achieving all my goals. However, I feel that encouragement and self belief are two very important factors that are easily overlooked.  So I wanted to take a little time to highlight them again. Who knows? This post may help someone.

I come from a background where money was a struggle. When going through secondary school, I was teased because I couldn’t afford the “trendy” shoes and the “cool” school bag. Now that I am an adult, I obviously realise that there is more to life than what you wear or what you can afford. However, at just 13 years old, fitting in was important to me. So I decided to take matters into my own hands by looking for work. When I suggested that I wanted to get a weekend job, I was told I wouldn’t find one. So, I spent a Saturday afternoon with the yellow pages on my lap, phoning any café or shop I could asking for a job. I remember being rejected, putting the phone down and dialling all over again for what felt like forever until eventually, I obtained work in a coffee shop. Three weeks later, I bought my own pair of "trendy" school shoes. Now that I look back, it wasn’t just that I bought the shoes, but that I earnt them.

When I was 16, I suggested that I wanted to buy a car so that I could drive at 17. I was questioned as to how I would afford the driving lessons, the car and the responsibilities (MOT, insurance, tax, fuel). To my family, this seemed like an impossible task, but not to me. When there’s a will there’s a way, right? So I got a second job alongside my college studies. At seventeen and a half, I had passed my driving test and self-funded my first car, responsibilities and all! 

At secondary school, my P.E teacher told me that I would never become a lawyer. After years of endless studying, I became one.

When I suggested I wanted to start a business, I recall being laughed at (not by those closest to me, but laughed at nonetheless). So, I got onto developing a brand and weeks later I published my website. I am now the proud owner of a start-up, Breakfast by Bella of course.  

Now that I look back, some of these are relatively minor examples. The point is, there are always going to be people that question you or sometimes make you feel small for daring to be different. Don’t let those people feed your fears, because those fears will become your downfall. Afterall, what's the point in living if you have to do so by what the average person considers "normal"?

Just remember: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!! 

So don’t let “can’t” be in your vocabulary. You can do anything you want, you just have to put your mind to it.

Wishing you the best of luck and here’s to achievement! 

Best wishes,

Breakfast by Bella x