Breakfast by Bella

Who's that girl?

An introduction to Bella...

The low down

It has come to my attention that of the all photos and blurbs I have posted, none have been about me. So I thought I'd share the face of Breakfast by Bella. Sorry to disappoint but here I am; 5 foot almost nothing. Well actually 5 foot 4 and often close to 5 foot 7 thanks to my heels. The naked truth is, I am just an average girl. I was born in London, bred in Cornwall and, since leaving university, I seem to have lived everywhere. I am also extremely proud to be half Maltese, but pure Brit at heart.

Bella on food

When you look at Breakfast by Bella social media, you will obviously see a lover of healthy eating and breakfast. Trust me it hasn’t always been that way. As a child, I was a bit of bowling ball. Unfortunately this developed to an insecurity by the time I hit my teens. By the age of 13, I pretty much lived off apples, I went through a phase of checking all nutritional information on the back of every single food item I ate and I wouldn’t go to bed without doing my sit ups, weights and star jumps. By 17, this had changed. I inevitably started partying like every student should. It turned out that the 3am drunken munchies (typically kebabs) and the frequent Macdonald’s were worse than I had realised. I discovered this when my Mum and Step-Dad had to take me to A&E. I was in so much pain that I couldn’t walk. I could hardly even move. X-rays showed that I was literally full to the brim with undigested junk and the only way to get it out…ummm…let’s not go there. Sure enough I was diagnosed with IBS.

After moving to Europe in my early twenties, I adopted a healthier lifestyle; the fruit and veggies were locally produced and the food was generally less processed than the UK. However, I suffered further health issues. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, I was suspected to suffer from endometriosis and I have had endless problems with ovarian cysts. The real turning point was when I was re-tested for polycystic ovary syndrome about a year after my return to the UK. Shortly before the retest, I had significantly cut down on sugar. The re-test showed that my hormone levels had balanced back to a normal range and I was not considered to have polycystic ovary syndrome anymore. The doctor confirmed that it was probably healthy eating that helped this. This hit home massively. For the first time I realised, you truly are what you eat. So many people eat healthy because of their weight, but do you ever ask yourself what is going on inside of your body?

With influences and inspirers like Jamie Oliver (my kitchen hero), Joe Wicks and Deliciously Ella, I soon started to realise what food really is. In my opinion, it is not calorie counting and it certainly should not be a worry; it is a lifestyle. Slowly but surely, I found myself changing my eating habits. I was no longer worrying about fat and I stopped eating refined sugar and processed food. Due to further gynaecological issues, I found myself adoring more wholesome, plant based food as I adopted a vegan diet 3 days a week. I am not a full-time vegan but I now observe it most of the time. The bottom line: I have never felt better and I truly believe that food can be your medicine. This is a brief background of where my passion for food and health comes from.  

Life besides food

What else can I really tell you? What you see is what you get. I am switched on yet ditsy, impatient yet tactful and humble yet determined. I am an honest person who is driven by passion, loves music, adores animals (cats being my ultimate favourite), I am a sensitive little bean, my family mean the world to me and my main goal in life is to be happy. That’s it. Pure and simple.

As well as starting Breakfast by Bella, I am a full-time lawyer in London. There was a time when I thought that being a lawyer was the be all and end all. I wanted to do it since I was 11 and I never really considered any other career options. Now that I am doing it, I have realised that I have never really been settled. I’ve always felt like I have wanted something more. However, if it wasn’t for my career, Breakfast by Bella may never have come about. As a Surrey to London commuter, my mornings are pretty hectic. However, breakfast is extremely important to me. I literally cannot function without it. I mean I could try, but the chances of me being negligent are quite high. The breakfast jar was something I developed to ensure a nutritious, refined sugar free and often vegan breakfast that is economic and portable.  So here’s another thing you should know about me: I believe that everything happens for a reason. In my view, the making of Breakfast by Bella is testament to that because it is my work in London that led me to it.

The confession of Bella

Ok, well, I don’t really know how to start with this one. I realise I said I am honest, because 99.9% of me is hence this confession. The 0.01% is simply this: my real name is not Bella *dun dun duuun!* Don’t worry, I am not crazy, at least not completely. Bella is my nickname derived from my maiden surname which is “Vella”. I am not going to reveal my full real name yet.  However, keep on the look out for the launch of the Breakfast by Bella granola, because we will be announcing a competition: “Guess Bella’s real name”.

The shop has now been added to the Breakfast by Bella website with the addition of a review section as well so that you can have a little read on how others have enjoyed our yummy granola.

We look forward to sharing more with you as time goes on. In the meantime, we thank you for your time, energy and support.

Best wishes,

Breakfast by Bella x