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Breakfast by Bella

Mother Hen's Mince Pies

Dairy and refined sugar free mince pies created by my dear Mother Hen...



450g plain flour 

185g coconut oil

1 tablespoon coconut sugar (approximately 12g) 

Zest of a whole lemon 

2-3 teaspoons almond mylk or non dairy mylk



500g mixed dried fruit*

250g mixed nuts**

Zest and juice of one large orange

1 large teaspoon coconut oil

10g coconut sugar (optional)

*My Mum used dried fruit from Tesco containing apricots and cranberries - the flavour was INSANE

**The nuts will need to be chopped either by hand or in a food processor. You may wish to buy chopped nuts.



  1. First for the mince: simply place all mince ingredients into a pan and cook over a medium heat. Keep stirring. Once sugar and coconut oil have melted, bring off the heat and leave to rest. 
  2. For the pastry: place coconut oil and plain flour into a bowl. Use your fingertips to rub the coconut oil into the flour until your mixture looks like breadcrumbs.
  3. Add and mix the sugar into the breadcrumbs continuing to rub the mixture with your fingertips to maintain the breadcrumbs.
  4. Add the lemon zest.
  5.  Stir almond mylk to bind it all together (use only enough liquid to bind the mixture). 
  6. Layer your workspace and rolling pin with some flour to stop the mix sticking. 
  7. Roll the mixture into a ball with your hands, and then roll out flat with your rolling pin. 
  8. Lightly grease a 12 hole baking / muffin tray. Remember however there is coconut oil in the pastry. If you have a non-stick baking tin, you will not need to grease it very much. 
  9. Cut out 12 circles with a pastry cutter or the circular top of a glass/cup. The circles need to be large enough to fill the base of each hole in your baking tin. Press pastry circle gently into each hole and against the edges to form your pie base, then fill with the mincemeat. 
  10. Using a slightly smaller pasty cutter, or glass, cut out 12 more circles for the tops. 
  11. Brush a touch of almond mylk around the circles and then seal onto the mince pie bases. 
  12. Bake at 180○c for 25-30 minutes.