Recipe entry
Breakfast by Bella

Papaya Perfecto

Something colourful, tasty and oozing with that Friday feeling...


The Bowl

1/2 papaya

2 teaspoons lucuma powder

50g coyo

75ml water


35g Breakfast by Bella granola*

Fruits of your choosing**

1 teaspoon Coyo

20ml water

 *I used Nutty Nosh.

** I used blackberries, blueberries and an extra smidge of papaya



  1. Blend the papaya, 2 teaspoons of Lucuma, 50g of coyo and water together and pour into your bowl.
  2. In a measuring jug, mix a teaspoon of Coyo with 20ml of water. On one side of the bowl, slowly pour in your Coyo mix making random dots and curved lines. When pouring it in, work from the outer part of the bowl and work your way into the middle. Then get a fork and gently drag it around in random swirls to make a pattern.
  3. Add the fruit and granola to the other side of the bowl for further decoration.
  4. Enjoy a fun, scrummy brekkie.

NOTE:  I used water in this bowl because I was mindful that milks and coconut water contain additional sugar. However, if you wanted you could use either of these to add to the flavour.