Breakfast by Bella

Calli Kitson Reviews Breakfast By Bella

Today I'd like to talk to you about a brand new breakfast company called Breakfast By Bella...

Today I'd like to talk to you about a brand new breakfast company called Breakfast By Bella was very kindly sent a bag of each of their amazing flavours of granola.

With the help of my sister (now that she's finished school she's wants to help me for "a second opinion", kind of think it's just to try the food though!)

First up is the "Cacao Crazy" flavour which me and my sister immediately agreed it was the first one we would try.

I feel dark chocolate has a pretty bad reputation. It can be known to be very bitter depending on the percentage of cocoa that its been made with, and it can sometimes put people off.

But what a lot of people don't actually know is dark chocolate is actually quite good for you! It helps to stimulate brainwaves and basically make you learn and do things a lot better! Having this flavour of granola in the morning is certainly a winner. The dark chocolate is not too sweet, and you can actually eat it on its own without any added yogurt or fruit! Sometimes you eat granola and it's very hard to swallow or it goes soggy-not this!

I'd mark this flavour of granola: 4 stars

My sister (Amelia) marked this flavour of granola: 3 stars

 Doesn't "Nutty Nosh" roll off the tongue so well?

We opened up this bag and was immediately hit by one smell...

CHRISTMAS! Ok now I am aware Christmas doesn't have a specific smell, but this flavour of granola has cinnamon mixed in, so yes, there is a Christmasy smell AND taste to it! I'm getting excited for Christmas already...only 193 days to go!

As I said, there's a super strong flavour of cinnamon in this flavour, and it certainly works really well with the flavours of the nuts!

This certainly was my favourite flavour out of the three, I love anything that reminds me of Christmas and with the nuts there's just so many extra flavours!

I'd mark this flavour: 5 stars

Amelia marked this flavour: 4 stars

 Finally let's talk about the Peanut Butter Me Up flavour (clever name)

Opening the bag there was a REALLY strong smell of peanuts and I was slightly worried that it might put people off. Perhaps they was interested in the peanut flavour but only wanted a subtle flavour?

This flavour was the only one I was a bit disappointed about. Because of the saltiness from the peanuts it actually made the granola quite dry which wasn't good! I felt the flavour would've been really good if I was a massive lover of peanuts...but sadly I'm not.

On the other hand my sister thought this was the best one! She loved the added saltiness to create a balance of sweet and salty flavours. It was her favourite one!

I'd mark this flavour: 3 stars

Amelia marked this flavour: 5 stars

I really loved reviewing this product with the help from my sister. I don't think I've ever reviewed a breakfast company before so it certainly was good to try something new! Make sure you keep an eye out on my blog over the next few months. I am going to be uploading some special recipes that you can make using the Breakfast By Bella products!

 Might I add that the packs of granola have gluten free oats in! When I read this I was super impressed. It's 2017 and the main diets that people put themselves on are "free" diets, like dairy free, meat free and gluten free so I certainly was pleased to realise that people that are gluten free or are on diets will be allowed this!

Thank you to Breakfast By Bella for sending me these products. YOU'RE FAB

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