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Craftwithcartwright Breakfast By Bella Review

I was asked by Breakfast by Bella recently if I would like to review their new Granola...


If I could I would eat breakfast all day long and sometimes when the kids are at school I sometimes do. Cereal is my go to choice closely followed by toast. Being a coeliac hasn't stopped me either and I regularly munch on a big bowl full of granola in the mornings.

I was asked by Breakfast by Bella recently if I would like to review their new Granola. Well I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try something new in my bowl. When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised, three great flavours to choose from none of which I had eaten before.

So my first choice was Peanut butter me up, I went for it layered with sliced banana, Natural yoghurt and just a drizzle of maple syrup. It wasn't quite as peanut buttery as I was expecting, but I did enjoy eating the skins on peanuts. Not something you find in granola much.

Granola's not just for breakfast you know and I thought the cacao crazy was just perfect for a quick midweek crumble. All I did was cook some ripe pears in 25g of butter and a table spoon of soft dark brown sugar for 10 minutes, then topped with a spoonful of granola on each portion. Super tasty and super moreish. The kids loved the chocolaty flavour. I'll have to hide the rest I think!

My verdict on the granola by Breakfast by Bella.
They were all great granola's not a dud in the batch but my absolute favourite by far was cacao crazy. I could see myself happily eating that for days on end.
I was sent the sample packs of granola from Breakfast by Bella in exchange for my honest review. You can view my advertising and disclosure policy here.

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