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It’s raining in August, why oh why. I just want to be on the beach with an ice cream but instead, I’m in bed listening to a storm. And whats better to do than just sit in bed? Eat food of course.
As you know I was in London last weekend for my birthday Whilst I was there I was fortunate enough to meet with the lovely lady, Jessica, behind Breakfast By Bella. I found this company through Twitter after seeing fellow bloggers mention and use this in amazing recipes. Breakfast By Bella is a breakfast jar company currently selling 3 flavours of granola. The brand is all about easy and nutritious food that isn’t filled with nasty stuff. This seemed like a perfect match for me, I love granola, I love breakfast and I have a busy schedule. The granola ranges from £3.95-4.95 which is super affordable. It is handmade with love in the UK and is made entirely of natural ingredients. So if you are looking for a better way to start your day or something to nibble on at work, check these out:


So if you wondered how would you use this granola, then keep reading! I’m showing you 3 ways you could incorporate this healthy ingredient into your morning routine.


This is your simple go-to recipe that is usually paired with granola. It is how BBB was formed. With this recipe, I used the Nutty Nosh flavour. This is filled with so many types of nuts from almonds to walnuts! Simply get some healthy yoghurt, I like using strawberry Greek yoghurt. Then put a sprinkle of granola within the layers of yoghurt and on top with some sliced fruit and chia seeds! Perfect for putting in a jar/container and eat on your way or at work.


Prefer something warm that will give you energy all day? Also, have a bit extra time in the morning, then this one is for you. Cook up your porridge, I prefer the normal oats that you boil in a pan. Then sprinkle on top the granola for some added crunch, I used the Peanut Butter Me Up flavour which made this taste delicious. Then add some fruit, I went for bananas as it’s a great combo with peanuts and a sprinkle of chia seeds, my go-to super food.


Want some more carbs in the morning but something that will literally take no time? Level up your basic toast with granola, for an added crunch. Make some toast, spread on some nut butter, any one you fancy, you can even do Nutella if you want to make it more naughty. Then top it off with sliced banana and granola! I used the Cacao Crazy flavour for this one as I thought it’d compliment the nut butter and banana nicely, which it certainly did

So as of now, I am a brand ambassador for BBB. Showing you lovelies how to incorporate such a healthy and easy ingredient into your everyday lives. I’m on a very slow journey to being healthier and slimmer. This couldn’t have come at a better time for myself. And after doing various diets, I’ve realised eating healthy foods is the only way to get to my goal, no shakes & no restrictions.

So, if you take one thing from this post, it is that we need to fuel our bodies correctly. With natural and healthy ingredients and always remember to eat breakfast! If you do try Breakfast By Bella let me know, and keep your eyes peeled for how I incorporate this into recipes for flapjacks and cookies in the future!

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