Breakfast by Bella

Peanut Butter me up any day by Amy Taylor

For as long as I can remember I have loved peanut butter...

For as long as I can remember I have loved peanut butter, memories of sneaking into the kitchen and eating peanut butter out of the pot with a spoon may not be my classiest moment. However, it was super tasty and I don’t actually regret it that much.

However, I did mature and learn to start enjoying peanut butter a more conventional way, with toast for breakfast.

That was before I was introduced to Breakfast by Bella, a granola company with a difference, unlike most granola's out there, this company don’t mass produce products and fill it with lots of rubbish.

In fact, the companies Peanut Butter Me Up granola contains just 4 ingredients: organic gluten free oats, organic peanuts, organic rapeseed oil and organic agave syrup.

The combination of these flavours has resulted in a tasty and nutritious breakfast which is both filling and interesting.

Having almost been something of a traditionalist when it comes to granola, I was unsure what fancy ways I could tuck into this flavoured granola and decided to taste it best, I needed to stick with tradition.

I first tried it with plain yogurt and a 35g serving which is recommended. However, I did find this was incredibly large and if I was to enjoy it with fruit as well I’d probably cut this down a lot.

Another way I’d recommend tucking into this granola is with even more peanut butter! I had wholemeal bread topped with peanut butter topped with a sprinkle of granola, it ended up being incredibly filling but also had the added bonus of being super crunchy.

Out of the three flavours available with Breakfast by Bella, this has to come out top for me, it’s super simple 100% organic which is even better. 

For more information and pictures please visit: Iprefercooking